Two girls tortured in the dungeon while one is riding wooden pony


Dark and scary BDSM dungeon is the best place to torture female slaves. Three of these submissive sluts are in training today: one is riding wooden pony while the others are being tormented violently.

Wooden pony rider is tied up

Three helpless women are undressed, tied up and teased in the dark: can a bondage episode be more exciting? Device Bondage do a perfect job by picking up the hottest ladies around and putting them in intense training with nastiest BDSM devices ever invented. I wonder if there is a wooden pony among them?

Group of girls in BDSM training

Well of course it is there! How can you have a medieval-style BDSM action without mounting a sexy girl on top of a hard wood? Girl's upper body is tightly bound with leather straps, there are nipple clamps hanging on each of her tits and nasty gag prevents the slave from screaming when her sensual pussy is crushed with wooden pony. Look at the images and you'll seehot gal is having her both ankles cuffed with steel cramps: there is no way for her to escape the brutal device and she is ready to witness her mates tortured in front of her eyes.

Helpless slave forced to watch her mates tormented

Metal cages, hot wax and even gas mask asphyxiation: those just a few things submissive lesbian sluts were degraded with. The girl on top of the wooden pony has to watch them bound, tormented, whipped and humiliated. Unable to move or make a sound, captive gal suffer major pain when her clitor is being violated with sharp corner of the pony. Wait a few minutes more and her pussy will start dripping juices!

The full version of this bizarre scene can be seen instantly at Device Bondage website. Full-length movie and an entire gallery of hi-resolution pictures reveal all the secrets of lesbians being dominated in the dark chamber. See wooden pony slave all tied up and forced to watch two other girls getting tortured in a variety of nasty ways.

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