Whipping the tits of tied up wooden horse rider


We're back to classics where there is nothing to distract you from watching a good-looking naked girl riding the wooden pony. Just a few ropes and sharpened torture device between slave's legs results a perfect BDSM torture!

Torturing slave Nyssa Nevers with wooden horsePunishing the girl by whipping her tits

Today's gallery is pretty special because it is presented by the Real-Time Bondage. As you can tell by it's name this BDSM website is streaming live action online giving viewers the chance to interact with slavegirls and the torturer. Just think of sending a request via live chat and seeing it being fulfilled almost immediately! How cool is that! I guess you already have a few things to be done to that sexy wooden pony rider? continue reading (more pictures ahead)

There is a full version of this live show can be seen at Real-Time Bondage. Get there now to enjoy all the previously aired episodes and prepare yourself for the new, live ones where you will have a chance to send requests and leave comments live. Pick any of the bizarre BDSM tortures (including all kinds of wooden ponies) and it will be carried out by the torturer and the slaves!

Master combines wooden pony with tit clamps to educate a bondage slave


It takes time and lot of efforts to educate a woman into a perfect sex slave. There is a very special place where submissive girls are being put in full-force training for a period of four days. Tight bondage, degrading sex and lots of painful punishments: those are the tools and approaches used during the training. Let me show you one of the girls being tested with wooden pony.

Tied girl is tortured with wooden pony and tit clampsExtreme tit and crotch pain

It's The Training of O dungeon where you can place your wife or girlfriend and turn her into an obedient BDSM slave. It takes four days for a woman to graduate the entire course of correctional education and become a perfect sex slave. One of the sluts is currently in the middle of her training and today she is about to master the wooden horse. Shall we take a look? continue reading BDSM slave is tortured with the combination of a wooden horse and lots of tit clamps

It's just a small episode of Coral Aorta's training described here. She suffered lots of pain from that wooden pony but there were more interesting stuff during four full days of intense domination. Lots of other bizarre and kinky torments were used for turning this sexy young lady into a perfect BDSM slave. See them all at The Training of O and don't forget about dozens of other hot women who graduated the course already. You can see movies about their training days by clicking the banner above. Don't waist your chance to enjoy the most detailed reports of women sex slaves education! Click the banner to access lots of free previews right now!

Unbarable BDSM horse torture for a young lady in bondage


Lexi Belle is one of the sweetest and youngest girls I've ever seen riding BDSM horse device. She is submissive, passionate and loves pain. Shall we take a look at her having her sensual crotch violated?

Sweet Lexi was visiting the dark chamber of Device Bondage website for a series of inhuman tortures. You've probably seen this young lady in straight hardcore porn but believe me: seeing her getting tied up and riding BDSM horse is much more exciting!

Lexi Belle BDSM horse torture

Sexy blonde had the hardest hours of her life being bound and tortured with hardcore bondage gear. Just think of her fully nude, lying on her belly in a hogtied pose, with her wrists and ankles restrained with cold steel and a huge rubber cock penetrating her both holes! Or Lexi's sexy ass getting whipped while there are tight bondage ropes placed around her sexy body while she is bent forward and having her hands cuffed! Those tortures were amazing but the thing she enjoyed most was the BDSM wooden horse! continue reading about bondage girl Lexi Belle tortured with a BDSM horse put between her legs

So you looking forward to see the full version of this episode? Visit Device Bondage to watch the full-length movie and browse hi-resolution picture gallery about slave Lexi Belle put in bondage, tortured and fucked on top of BDSM pony! Don't forget about hundreds of other kinky BDSM episodes waiting for you at Device Bondage: click the banner above to enter the world of sexy girls in hardcore slavery, tortures and domination!

Lesbian slave tortured with wooden pony


I've posted lots of stories and pictures of wooden pony tortures in this blog but none of those were featuring lesbian domination. Maybe it is time to change that and enjoy beautiful slavegirl tormented by another woman?

Wooden pony torture for slave Charlotte ValeBound boobs of ball gagged slavegirl

Charlotte Vale is the one who is going to be tortured by an experienced mistress Clair Adams in this episode presented by the Whipped Ass website. Clair prepared a series of bizarre BDSM tools and toys for Miss Vale to be taken to her very limit with and wooden pony is the major one! continue reading the post:Wooden pony rider is tortured by lesbian dominatrix

Head on to the Whipped Ass to watch the full length movie and browse through picture gallery about slave Charlotte Vale riding wooden pony and becoming tortured by mistress Claire Adams! We've seen lots of different ways of using wooden horse but never seen lesbians using one. Don't miss a chance of seeing one girl teasing another by placing her on top of sharpened wooden edge and torturing her with lots of kinky toys! Click the banner to starts watching!

Medieval dungeon is the most natural place to do the wooden horse torture


Medieval dungeon is the first place you would think of any time wooden pony is mentioned. Hogtied.com takes us to one of those dark chambers where women are taken to their physical and mental limits with the help of simple hand-crafted tools and devices.

Sexy girl ia wearing steel BDSM beltVibrator pussy tease for sexy wooden horse rider

Her name is Jade and she was tormented with a series of bizarre BDSM devices that day. You can see them all by downloading the full version of this episode available at Hogtied website. The one particular tool I am going to show you in this post is (of course!) wooden pony!

Jade will be riding the BDSM horse fully nude. There is a steel belt put around girl's waist. It is used for cuffing slave's hands behind her back: we don't want the slut to ruin the fun by helping herself to reduce the pressure wooden pony does to her pussy. With her hands bound there is nothing she could do about the extreme pain in her crotch area! read the full version of the post: Sexy gal is riding the wooden horse in the medieval dungeon

Body whipping and vibrator teasing were added to the scene later and they worked perfectly forcing the wooden pony rider to have multiple orgasms in a row! Isn't it amazing when beautiful woman cums from extreme pain? Hogtied.com has the full version of this bizarre episode where not only wooden pony but a set of other medieval devices were used for tormenting sexy Jade. Click the banner above to get there now and enjoy the uncut version of bizarre torture action!

Rain Degrey wooden horse BDSM torture


A short wooden pole can be easily transformed into a very painful BDSM torture device. You just have to sharpen the very top of the beam and put a girl on top. Let's take a look at slave Rain DeGrey riding the wooden horse in bondage.

Hardtied is back with one of those bizarre torture tools inspired by medieval times. What a pleasure it is: to watch the way sexy MILF is having her pussy crushed with sharp edge! Only a real pain slut can take so much pain and Miss DeGrey is exactly of that type!

continue reading the post: MILF Rain Degrey is turned into BDSM wooden horse rider

Guys at the Hardtied are huge fans and supporters of hardcore type of bondage. Bizarre things like forcing nude women to ride wooden ponies or hanging them by the neck are being performed on site on a weekly basis. Click the banner above to go there now and see it happening by watching more than a hundred of full-length movies. Were dreaming about the place where women are used like nothing more than bondage dolls and sex toys? Check out Hardtied right now because it is the answer to your every dirty BDSM fantasy!

Shaved pussy of tied slavegirl is crushed with wooden horse


Slavegirl Sasha wasn't expecting pussy torture to be so painful but then she felt the enormous crushing power of wooden horse. Let's take a look at her suffering major pain from the sharp wood that is violating her crotch area.

Infernal Restraints website is all about building and using bizarre BDSM devices for teasing submissive girls. Those guys are referring to medieval torture tools for an inspiration and today they would like to test their latest creation - the classic wooden horse. Is there a submissive pain slut to take a ride? continue reading post about wooden horse pussy crushing

Infernal Restraints invites you to the bizarre world of BDSM device where horny girls are getting tortured, punished severely and taken to their very limit with extreme pain. Visit the website now and enjoy hundreds of picture galleries and hours hi-definition movies where all kinds of weird bondage torments are being done to beautiful women! Click the banner to get there now and start enjoying tortures!

Gia DiMarco wooden pony torture: girl wants to feel extreme pain in her crotch


Classy MILF Gia enjoyed doing wooden pony torture to other girl so she is back to become slave and feel an extreme pain down in her crotch area. Beautiful mistress Isis is there to assist her, do all the preparations and make sure that torture will run smooth.

Stretching slave Gia on the wooden ponyWhipping the slave and torturing her pussy

Slim woman is put on top of the very same wooden pony device she was riding last time. By looking at her face you can tell that she is happy to feel her clitor getting violated once again with the sharp side of the torment tool. Slavegirl is having her mouth un-gagged along the entire torture session. This gives us a unique opportunity to hear all the sexy noises Gia makes while sitting on top of wooden pony. continue reading Wooden pony is used for torturing slim MILF slave Gia DiMarco

Hardcore bondage is the type of action Hogtied.com creates its pictures and movies about. World's most bizarre torture equipment (including various types of wooden ponies) is used there to shoot daily updates with. Traditional rope bondage and lots of sexual teasing takes Hogtied to the top of the list of most exciting BDSM sites on the Internet! Click the banner above to access the full version of the described wooden pony torture and access almost a thousand of other bizarre women torment episodes!

BDSM slave Kaylee Hilton is tortured with wooden pony


I believe that wooden pony became very popular because of its simplicity and yet high efficiency when it comes to making woman to suffer major pain in her crotch area. You only need two wooden planks to be connected together at the right angle to get the most cruel torture device of medieval times!

Skinny girl kylee is tormented with wooden ponySharp BDSM device is violating shaved pussy of teen slave

Despite its simplicity (or, some say, primitiveness) wooden ponies are still widely popular among many BDSM websites. Loads of surfers are keen fans of medieval torture devices and always happy to watch another submissive slut getting her pussy torn up with hardwood! SocietySM.com used classic wooden pony in one of their most recent updates. Kaylee Hilton is a beautiful 23-year old pain-slut with a appearance of a skinny blonde teenager. She was the one who dare to test the compatibility of her pussy with sharp wooden edge. Shall we take a look at her bondage torment and the way she felt once on top of wooden horse? read the full version of the post about Skinny girl Kaylee is riding wooden pony in bondage

Kaylee Hilton was tortured for an entire day and there was hi-definition movie and a lot of pictures shot along the action. Skiny girl suffered lots of pain: SocietySM.com is the place where you can watch every second of her getting tied up, punished, teased and forced to cum in constraints. The full version of wooden pony scene is also included! Click the banner above to enjoy the true BDSM passion with the skinny girl in bondage riding the wooden horse torture device!

Dog kennel used as wooden pony device to torture women


It is always interesting to watch the way famous woman react to BDSM tortures for the first time: especially to wooden pony torment. Think of your favorite adult model undressed, restrained with leather belts and put on top of medieval pussy crushing device? Kinky isn't it?

Today I would like to share a few pictures of honored pornographic actress Annette Schwarz testing her ability to suffer major pussy pain. This lady starred in more than 250 hardcore movies but she never had experienced anything like this. Device Bondage website did a perfect job taking hot blonde to the very limit with as simple torture tools as wooden pony! continue reading Annette Schwarz wooden pony torture: nude girl put on top of dog kennel

Annette Schwarz spent a whole day at Device Bondage BDSM chamber and had her body put in a series of other bizarre poses. Wooden pony made her horny, but extreme bondage ties satisfied her lust later. Click the banner above to visit Device bondage now! Watch the entire episode and enjoy each and every of those torments in details. Shall I tell you that wooden pony and steel chain used as crotch rope were just a few minor warmups?

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