Tied to wooden pony for spanking and toy fucking


Another sexy girl is missing the chance to ride the BDSM horse with her pussy but becoming bent over and tied to the thing instead.

Spanking the wooden pony tied girl

This young lady is in need of a series of punishments to be done to her ass and pussy. Mistress wants the sub to be restrained during the action and stay motionless until all the torments are over. Device featured in the scene looks similar to the wooden pony and it'll do the job of holding the slut firmly. It will only take a few ropes to have the naked girl tied on top of the device.continue reading about Girl is spanked and sexually teased on top of the wooden pony

It was an entire episode where Hogtied.com crew was using wooden pony for torturing lovely young lady. Its full version includes more scenes where naked girl was tied to kinky BDSM device; then tortured and teased sexually. Click the banner above to see all the pictures, watch the full-length movie and not to miss a single second of her bondage orgasms!

Girl is tied to wooden pony and whipped


Wooden pony device is perfect for torturing pussy but it also becomes handy in other BDSM activities. Whipping is just one of many examples.

Slavegirl is climbing on top of wooden ponyTying the woman to BDSM norse

Let's step down into the Pain Gate chamber where there is a beautiful girl getting prepared for the harsh corporal punishment. Gal is undressed and bent over the classic wooden pony. Torturer was kind enough to cover the sharp edge with the blanket not to let naked slavegirl to excruciate her belly and breasts too much. read and enjoy more pictures on whipping and wooden pony

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Girl on top of the BDSM horse is strangled with rope


BDSM horse itself is pretty cruel torture device but there is an easy way to make it even worse by adding just a few bondage ropes. Here is an example for you to study and enjoy.

Poor slave Cherry Torn is being taken care of by the Hogtied.com crew. This means than the girl isn't going anywhere until tortured brutally to climax. But knowing the fact that Cherry is lifestyle painslut, they are going to need something more than just wooden pony! I wonder what their plan is?

Girl is tortured with the BDSM horseWoman rope noose strangling

Naked slut is put on top of the BDSM horse with a fucking machine built in. You cannot see it but there is a rubber cock making its moves inside Miss Torn's pussy. Four bondage ropes are tied to girl's wrists and ankles, forcing her to sit in a sort of spread eagle pose. There are a couple of other ropes are used in the scene and those are making it very special. Shall we come closer? continue reading Hanging busty BDSM horse rider by her neck

I've tried to describe all the painful things people from Hogtied.com dungeon did to poor subgirl but I've missed a whole bunch of kinky details. Watching this scene on video is ten times more exciting because every second of the torment can be enjoyed as if you were standing just a few inches away from the slave! Click the banner above to start enjoying full length movie about BDSM horse rider is becoming bound, strangled with rope noose and tortured with heavy weights tied to her titties!

Lesbain mistress is having slavegirl on top of the wooden pony


Dominant women (as well as men) are just love using wooden pony devices when educating slaves. Shall we take a look at the lesbian training session where blonde mistress is right in the middle of process of punishing slave?

Wooden pony torture of lesbian subTied up lesbian with lots of lcmaps on tits and pussy

Poor slut Bianca Stone has been given into the arms of professional dominatrix Aiden Starr for an entire day. Just think of how many kinky and bizarre things were done to her body? Lesbian bondage, sexual toys abuse and extremely painful tortures: you can see them all in the full version of this episode available at the Whipped Ass. I am, as usual, is going to talk about the one very special scene where tied up whore is riding the wooden horse. read more & enjoy more pictures

Helplessly bound and clamped in multiple places, wooden pony rider is ready for the whipping punishment. You just have to watch the full-length movie to enjoy those sexy moans Bianca is making when leather whip is making lashes across her belly and pain-driven orgasms are shaking her body! Go to the Whipped Ass website to enjoy more than an hour of hi-definition lesbian BDSM action and browse through hundreds of pictures showing lesbian slave being tortured with wooden pony! Click the banner above to start having fun watching girls is BDSM action!

Interracial lesbians are bound and tortured with wood placed between their legs


How do you feel about a little bit of interracial lesbian wooden pony riding where not one but two bound sluts are having wooded device between their legs?

Wooden pony lesbians torture

Yes, there are two slaves being tortured this time in the Device Bondage BDSM chamber. Ebony slaveslut makes a perfect team with the Caucasian slut adding a bit of interracial taste to the bondage action. Let's take a look at the kinky restraints both ladies were put into.

Wooden plank is trashing their clits

Bound whores are standing in the middle of the room and there is a plank chained between their legs. Maybe it is not your classic wooden pony torture device but its doing the job of teasing their clits nicely. Both girls are having their hands drawn back and restrained with sets of black leather belts. continue reading & browse more pictures

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Submissive wife is tortured with the BDSM horse built by her husband


Wooden pony is normally associated with inquisition, hardcore pain and dark catacombs. But nothing stops you from using BDSM horse in your daily bondage games: just like the couple down below.

Pictures for this post were presented by Slaves in Love. This website is all about naturally submissive and pain-loving women who managed to find the right type of man to fulfill their need for punishments and BDSM humiliation. This guy, for example, is not just into dominating but he also is an expert in building things. In just a couple of hours he created a perfect wooden pony for his wife to sit on!

Wife is waiting for husband to tie her upTied woman makes the step on top of a wooden pony

I love the excessive level of submission this girl is blessed with: she takes her dress down and draws her hands behind the back, waiting for the guy to cuff them up. continue reading & more pictures

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Chained blonde is having hard times riding wooden horse


Slim blonde mom is trying to keep her balance while on top of a sharpened wooden log. Yes, it is time to come back to Infernal Restraints dungeon where women are being constantly tortured with bizarre BDSM equipment and yet another sub is already in pain!

Torture device is ready for woman to take her placeSlave Cherie Deville is pain

Her name is Cherie Deville and she'd been tortured for hours at the moment. Poor woman suffered lots of intense pain being shackled nude to the wooden pole and lashed with leather whip. Cruel BDSM master forced busty Cherie to fuck herself with rubber cock while she was helplessly collared and chained. read more and see the rest of the pictures

It is the most recent episode Infernal Restraints posted and you can enjoy it full-length by just clicking the banner above. Enjoy the entire story about hot Cherie Deville is getting chained, collared with steel, getting whipped, fucking herself on command and, finally, taken to the very limit with good old wooden pony!

Woden pony rider is bound with steel and throttled with leather collar


Yes, it is time to take the classic wooden pony out of the storage room and put it in use again! Real-Time Bondage is having another submissive slut at their full disposal and she is ready to spread her legs and have her pussy crushed!

Cum is dripping from lips of bound wooden pony riderLeather collar asphyxiation torture

Hazel Hynotic had the entire day of painful training in the dark BDSM chamber of Real-time Bondage website, riding wooden pony was just one of the many tortures nude girl was subjected to. You can see them all in the full version of this episode available on video by clicking the banner at the bottom of this post.

Pussy dripping saliva all over the wooden horse

Poor slut was fucked in her mouth just seconds before being put on top of BDSM horse. You still can see cum dripping down from her lips and her whole chest is covered with semen. read more

I am not going to show you all the pictures from this scene because I don't want to spoil the joy of watching its full-length version. Real-Time Bondage has the replay of this live BDSM event and all you have to do to access it is to click the banner above. Go there now to enjoy this and dozens of other bizarre live shows where hot girls are being taken to their limits with bizarre torture tools including classic wooden pony!

Sara Jay in bondage and tortured with BDSM horse


Sara Jay is the type of mature women who look extremely kinky in bondage. But today she is not just going to be tied up but also teased to orgasm with bizarre BDSM horse.

Gagged BDSM horse Sarah JayBDSM device is put between legs of mature woman

Classic wooden pony and modern BDSM horse are two similar sorts of devices made specially for teasing women. Both require girls to sit on top and have their crotch to support all the body weight. There are a few differences also: BDSM horse in most cases does not include that sharp edge to crush the pussy but sometimes has a motor built in, that can operate rubber cock. Do you want to see one in use? more pictures of Sara Jay riding BDSM horse

With a big rubber ball gag in her mouth you cannot hear MILF slut making any noises but it is clear that she is having one orgasm after another: BDSM horse is doing it's job perfectly! But this is just a beginning and there is much more for you to see about Sara being trained that day. Visit Device Bondage by clicking the banner above to see the full version of her torment. It's one of the hottest BDSM episodes I've seen for a long time: I'm sure you are going to enjoy it too!

Clever combination of BDSM horse and fucking machine


Normally you would expect BDSM horse to me made out of wood but there is the truth: there are many different sorts of other look-alike devices build specially for torturing women's crotch. Please take a look at the pictures of one of those nasty toys and a hot blonde riding it in bondage.

Slave Lily Labeau on top of wooden ponyBDSM horse slave is tied spread eagle

The black thing between girl's legs looks like wooden pony but there is an electric motor built-in! Featured device is a clever combination of pussy torture tool and fucking machine. Slavegirl is having rubber cock driven deep into her pussy and it is vibrating intensively. There are many kinky ways of taking women to their very limits but placing bondage girl on top of wooden pony and fucking her at the very same time with toy is something new to me! more on girl is tortured with fucking machine in a shape of BDSM horse

Check out Hogtied.com website for the full version of this episode. Every second of Lily's wooden pony ride was captured on video for you not to miss a bit! And don't forget about hundreds of other bizarre BDSM scenes where hot women are being tied up naked and then subjected to weird and perverted tortures! Hogtied is doing bondage for over 15 years now so there will be plenty of cool stuff for you to enjoy! Click the banner above to check it out right now!

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