Girl is in bondage and her pussy is spread with BDSM device


Subgirl Veruca has been tortured for many hours straight and spreading her legs on top of the wooden pony was the last torment of the day.

Slave Veruca James on top of wooden ponyBDSM chamber torture

Torturers attached ropes to girl's wrists and ankles and then used a crane to lift the bondaged slut up in the air. A few minutes later she was lowered down: on top of the classic BDSM pony to enjoy the pain in her crotch. read the rest of the post

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Slavegirl is riding BDSM horse with her bare pussy


Most of the BDSM horses are made from wood but what if you want to crush girl's crotch with something else? Steel looks like a perfect material for building torture devices!

Ball-gagged girl riding BDSM horseCrushing pussy with steel pipe

When in search for bizarre BDSM racks there is no better place to come to than Infernal Restraints website. A while bunch of perverted minds are working in a shop building all kinds of machines and devices for women to be locked in and tortured. Wooden and other kinds of BDSM horses are not an exception! read the rest of the post

Workshop at Infernal Restraints is producing bizarre torture devices on a weekly basis. Loads of beautiful and submissive women are standing in line wanting to submit to these creations of perverted human mind. Nude and bound they are going to be tortured and forced to cum for your viewing pleasure. Click the banner to watch the described scene in full-size and access hundreds of other bizarre episodes filled with tortures and extreme pain. Nude bitch is on top of steel BDSM horse and want you to see her cumming in restraints. What are waiting for? Hit the banner to begin!

Dungeon slave is positioned on top fo the wooden pony and whipped


Let me take you back to the dark BDSM chamber where beautiful women are getting stripped and punished with no mercy. Whipping punishment, wooden pony and hot girl are going to be put up in one scene for your viewing pleasure.

Nude slavegirl is being carried to the torture chamberWhipping warmup for the slave

We all know that Pain Gate website turns women punishment into a spectacular kind of visual art that is impossible to stop enjoying once started. Today's episode is not an exception: there is an utterly beautiful woman is going to be put on top of the wooden pony and lashed with leather whip. Are you with me to watch and listen?

Slave is tied to the wooden ponyWhipping the slave on top of BDSM horse

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Loads of additional pictures and full-length movie about this scene can be accessed instantly at the Pain Gate website. Get there now to enjoy the biggest Internet vault of whipping punishments. Click the banner above to watch women with perfect bodies are being subjected to all kinds of corporal punishments and their skin becoming covered in red whipping marks!

Two types of wooden horse BDSM devices are used to force MILF to cum


Sadistic Rope is a brand new website that uses classis bondage and very basic BDSM toys to take women to their very limit. MILF sub and two types of wooden horses are featured in today's episode.

Woman tortured sadistically with the wooden horse

You have to be true bondage master to force girls to cum with nothing more than rope bondage and simplest toys. Sadistic Rope crew is doing this on a regular basis and you are welcome to study some of their tricks. Beretta James is the MILF sub who dare to submit for your viewing pleasure and to challenge her cunt with a couple of BDSM devices.

Woman is being positioned on top of the BDSM device

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In the following minutes sexy Beretta has been tied up to yet another BDSM horse, her ass was fingered and whipped at the very same time! You can enjoy this kinky action in the full version of the scene available at the Sadistic Rope website. Click the banner above to go there now and not to miss a single second of a juicy MILF getting tormented with two wooden horses in one BDSM scene! Click not to let the fun begin!

Replacing the classic wooden pony with the ordinary plank


Don't have time or skills to built your own wooden pony but still looking forward to torture a woman? No need to worry because classic BDSM horse can be easily replaced with the just basic plank! Let me show you how.

Guys from Real-Time Bondage have all kinds of BDSM devices to torture girls with but sometimes they are up for the simplicity. Today they are going to use your ordinary wooden plank as the replacement for the traditional wooden pony device. There is sexy young lady ready to submit and have her pussy crushed with hardwood. Shall we start?

Teen is riding the wooden ponyGirl is bondage is drooling

She is one of those country girls who were looking forward to become famous. And she did actually: please meet Mattie Borders - the star of hardcore BDSM! Nude and handcuffed, the girl is trapped in the bondage studio, tortured and filmed on video for your viewing pleasure. Let's take a closer look at the torments she is subjected to. read more about Mattie wooden pony torment

Body whipping and bizarre electric torture are two more painful torments sexy Mattie was experiencing that day. You'd better enjoy them in the full version of this scene that can be accessed instantly at the Real-Time Bondage members area. Hit the banner above to be taken there now and prepare yourself to see sweet nude girl riding wooden pony in details! Full-length movie and loads of pictures are just one click away!

Wooden pony torment is cleverly mixed with breast bondage


Your hearing is about to be pleased with lots of sexy moans because there is a hot blonde sitting on top of the BDSM wooden pony and experiencing extreme pain in her crotch.

Breast bondage and wooden pony BDSMBDSM pain is making her scream

Adrianna is begging for the torture to stop but howls are the only sounds we can hear because of the gag harness slavegirl is wearing. Gagging the slut is clever thing to do unless you want to enjoy tortured female screaming loud. Would you prefer her being quiet or screaming in pain? read more

There is a full-length movie can be accessed at the website showing the full version of slave Adrianna bondage training. Wooden pony wasn't the only thing she was tortured with: needless to say but there were lots of other kinky bondage torments she was teased with along the day. Click the banner to see this beautiful woman in pain and having one orgasm after another!

Nude woman is riding wooned pony nude and handcuffed


Ariel X is one of the hottest submissive women around and seeing her getting tortured is always a big pleasure. How about forcing her to have a wooden pony ride?

Slavegirl is being taken good care of by the Device Bondage website crew. They've invented and built a number of bizarre tools for the beautiful lady to be bound and tormented with. Check out the full version of this episode to see them all while I am going to concentrate my attention on one scene only where Ariel X was put on top of the wooden pony.

Gagged woman is teased with wooden ponyCombination of wooden horse and strappado tortures

Ariel is always very passionate when put in restraints but this time she overcame herself! I haven't seen her so excited yet: medieval torture device did its job just perfectly taking nude woman to her physical and mental limits! more on this torture

Full-length movie of this torture plus an entire set of pictures can be enjoyed instantly at the Device Bondage website! Click the banner above to see subgirl Ariel X riding BDSM horse naked, with her hands cuffed behind the back and choked with the rope noose! Beautiful woman having an entire day of painful humiliation - you can't miss that! Click the banner now!

Skinny MILF is enjoying sadistic rope and wooden pony torture


We've had lots of fun using BDSM horse in a bit unusual ways. But with this post I am going back to the basics where wooden pony is put in the place where it belongs - in between female legs.

Whipped wooden pony riderSex toy and strangle tease

Lots of websites around are using loads of different devices to bind and torture women. Recently opened Sadistic Rope, on the other side, sticks to the very basic tools and toys to take girls to the limit. Professional BDSM rigger Pope needs nothing more than just bondage rope to make sluts cum and his today's victim had spend many pleasant minutes in extreme restraints. to the full version

Master Pope is having his own studio set up at the Sadistic Rope website where he tortures girls on a daily basis. Pictures and movies of his masterpiece work can be enjoyed after clicking the banner above. We've all seen some rope bondage but it never was so tight and extreme: slave Dylan proves that when posing on top of the wooden pony!

Girl is tied to wooden pony and fucked


Yet another unusual example of wooden pony usage is for sex. You just have to bend the slut backwards on top of the BDSM horse for her holes to be perfectly exposed for penetration!

Extreme bent on top of the wooden pony

Allie James is the flexible subgirl chosen by the Sexually Broken website crew to do that extreme bend required for the following bondage pose. Naked girl is lying on her back on top of the wooden pony and a set of four steel clamps are holding her wrists and ankles. Poor young lady cannot make even the slightest move which makes her a perfect test subject. continue reading Wooden pony slave is fucked in each of her holes

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Nude woman is wearing bizarre BDSM mask while on top of wooden pony


Are you with me in bring back the medieval times by taking a girl, binding her with steel and torturing her with wooden pony?

Two craftsmen spend lots of time building BDSM devices for this scene. Carpenter was whittling wood for hours, building the horse while blacksmith was bending iron creating the kinky headmask. The only thing left is to find the girl submissive enough to become bound and tortured with these BDSM toys and luckily, Infernal Restraints website has one! read more

Tortured with wooden pony and cryingBizarre BDSM headmask is made form heavy steel

Elise Graves spent the entire day in the Infernal Restraints torture chamber, being taken to her limits with bizarre medieval devices and equipment. Everything was filmed on video and you can watch the resulting movie by clicking the banner above. Please keep in mind that those guys are doing things like this on a weekly basis: there are more than a hundred of bizarre BDSM episodes stored in Infernal Restraints vault. How about enjoying them all? Click the banner to begin!

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